‘Wild Child.’

…Well, back to normal when you factor in that ‘normal’ includes Mass Effect: Andromeda.  This is a monstrously big game. I’m not even a third done.

Wild Child, Enya


  • RangerSG says:

    OK. That’s your second hint that you’re playing Andromeda without a HAWT take yet. What’s your 1/3rd informed opinion already? 😛

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Ars Technica said it best: this is Dragon Age: Inquisition in space, with better combat and less ZOMG the world’s ending all the time (I’d add, smoother load times and less bugs). If you liked that game (I did), you’ll like this. And – again, to quote AT – if you have little Shepard head-canons in your head, you’re probably who this game was designed for. I do, so… yeah, it’s fun. I have to start rationing, though, because it is a HUGE game.

      • RangerSG says:

        I did like Inquisition. Still do, to be honest. I’ll probably hold off until my birthday in May to get it when the bugs have been reasonably squashed. And hopefully the animations somewhat sorted.

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