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Flying Tree Moles


ST: 3 DX: 15 IQ: 3 HT: 5

Will: 3 Per: 3 Speed: 5 Dodge: 8 Move: 5/10

SM -4; Weight: 8 ounces


Traits: Discriminatory Smell; Innate Attack (2 point corrosion); Wild Animal; Winged Flight

Flying Tree Moles are typically found in areas where magic items or magical by-products were improperly stored underground.  The species more or less resembles ‘regular’ moles, except that they have adapted to life aboveground, and can fly.  They typically track by smell and hunt insects, particularly those that infest trees: Flying Tree Moles retained their claws, which allow them to yank parasites out of bark and consume them without damaging the tree itself.  This valuable trait also makes them relatively common in areas that have dryads or other kinds of sentient plant life.


Flying Tree Moles typically avoid humans, but a cornered one can spit acid remarkably far, not to mention painfully.  They can be tamed, and some dryad groves have a few species that could be fairly called ‘domesticated’ (+1 to IQ, HT, and SM). Adventuring folklore says that Flying Tree Moles can be taught to smell out gold and gems; this is at best unlikely, but certainly one could be trained to sniff out water sources.

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