‘The Mummy’ featurette.

OK, this is actually kind of reassuring, for two reasons.

  1. The zero-G scene. I just assumed that they crew did all that stuff with wire-fu.  Which they probably mostly did, but they also took the cast up into an airplane and shot takes while in actual free fall conditions. That’s… clever.
  2. The use of on-location sets generally. You can probably thank J.J. Abrams for that: the ridiculous amount of money The Force Awakens made may have suggested to Hollywood that spending more of the budget on real things instead of CGI could be the smart call.

Also… Tom Cruise is fifty-four.  He’s either got a grandmaster-class plastic surgeon, the Longevity advantage, or both…

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  • nicklevi86 says:

    Cruise is a Scientologist. Maybe he’s made a bargain with whatever Power of Malevolence is at work in those circles….

  • JAB says:

    At least part of the Cruise seeming longevity is that his work, his money, his influence all depend on looking like that. Imagine how much better-looking/fit/muscular/etc you could be if you were devoting, say, half your waking hours and more than your current income to that one goal.

  • acat says:

    Wait. Airplane. Free-fall conditions.
    The Vomit Comet?
    One wonders if the studio sprung for a bunch of scopolamine patches or just a mess of “motion sickness” bags… maybe a job for the power of ‘and’ ?

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