So, the new keyboard is nice.

It’s satisfyingly clicky, at least: I’m not exactly sure if it’s improved my typing speed or anything, but there’s definitely a nostalgia value to it.  Whether or not this gets blown up the second I try to play Mass Effect on it tonight remains to be seen.  Because it’s definitely smaller than my previous keyboard.  I mean, the keys are the same size and everything, but it’s also a bit more compact and this keyboard doesn’t have one of those number pads on it that I never used anyway which is why I didn’t buy a more expensive one. Gonna be interesting to adapt to, maybe.

Moe Lane

PS: Short interruption there because my wife was going to bed.  She also gave me an early birthday present so that I can wear it tomorrow: a Mass Effect N7 t-shirt. I am a fortunate man.

One thought on “So, the new keyboard is nice.”

  1. Yes, yes you are. I mean, not as fortunate as me with MY wife, but fortunate enough. 😉

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