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Leabhar Maidin Glas

(Green Morning Book)


This somewhat unlucky tome — well, unlucky for its readers — was the target of numerous thefts, the occasional assassination, at least one war; and even today it’s still valuable as a historical heirloom.  The book is in Middle Irish, and dates back to the 10th Century AD; and for its time the Leabhar Maidin Glas was a potent tome full of fell rituals and practices.  However, the practices in question were all in the field of agriculture, if you’ll pardon the pun; there’s absolutely nothing magical and esoteric in the book at all.  Well, nothing magical or esoteric, here in the modern era. Back in the day before scientific agronomy the tips found in the book would be remarkably good at increasing crop yields and breeding livestock, which is why so many petty noblemen kept raiding each other in order to get their hands on the only copy.

The Leabhar Maidin Glas was eventually gifted to the Trinity College Library in Dublin in the 1750s, and had been quietly sitting there ever since.  Up until about three months ago, when a certain American treasure-hunter with plenty of money and absolutely no scruples suddenly attempted to purchase it.  The offer was politely rebuffed; and the book was later stolen (quite professionally) along with several other valuable, but not particularly unique, tomes. About three weeks ago rumors surfaced that the aforementioned treasure-hunter was on the hunt for a big score of gold and gems, looted from the monasteries by Henry VIII — and later lost.  The hunter has a map, you see.  One supposedly using scribbled notes taken from a certain stolen book.
But it’s the 21st century.  Maybe somebody else made a copy of the Leabhar Maidin Glas?  Or even the right pages?  After all, it’s not like the treasure-hunter owns the rights to all that loot, is it?

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