‘Rubber Biscuit.’

Calling it early: the boss fight for ME:A was actually pretty brutal.

Rubber Biscuit, The Blues Brothers

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  • acat says:

    Squirrel Girl is evidently coming to the small screen.
    They’ve evidently announced a 30 minute Squirrel Girl comedy, to air on the cable network “Freeform” .. a network that could alternately be called “teenage angst”.
    They’ve also hired some of the creatives from “Cougar Town” .. a show that could also be described as “The Golden Girls: Their Younger Years” .. to head it up.
    This .. I dunno ..
    Stealing one of Moe’s better lines, I conceal nothing… I’m not a comic book fan. The idea that Squirrel Girl is “the one the writes go to when things have gotten way out of control / way down a plot rabbit hole” means a comedy *might* make sense .. but how do you sustain it for more than a couple episodes?
    Stunt casting?

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