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Summon/Control/Create Sunsent

This set of spells is used to summon, control, and create Sunsents, or ‘sunlight’ elementals. Mechanically, the spells are equivalent to the Air Elemental spells found on pages 27-28 of GURPS Magic; use Light College spells when determining prerequisites.  Interestingly, Sunsents are not morally neutral: they react badly to evil magic and acts, and will retaliate, if possible.

Note that the below represents a very small Sunsent, designed to be at the low end of the Summon Sunsent spell.  More powerful versions will have Flight, higher primary Characteristics, Injury Tolerance [Diffuse], higher levels of Regeneration and Damage Resistance, and a more powerful Innate Attack. Unnatural Features was added because Sunsents have more of a tendency to wander around civilization than most other elementals do.


Sunsent [40]


Characteristics: ST -2 [-20], IQ -2 [-40], HT -2 [-20]


Secondary Characteristics: HP +1 [2]


Advantages: Damage Resistance 3 [Force Field, +20%] [18], Doesn’t Breathe [20], Doesn’t Eat or Drink [10], Doesn’t Sleep [20], Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30], Regeneration [Regular] [25], Innate Attack 2 [sunlight, burning] [10]


Disadvantages: Intolerance [Evil]  [-5], Unnatural Features 5 [Sunlight Elemental] [-5], Vulnerability [x2, Darkness Based Attacks, Rare] [-10]


Perks: Presence counts as sunlight for plants. [1]


Skills: Innate Attack [Beam] [DX+2] [4]


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