Creature Seed: Blobees.

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Yup. They’re little flying blobs with gooey wings that pollinate plants.  They’re about the size of a bumblebee, move about as quickly as a bumblebee, and live in what’s sort of a hive.  Crack a Blobee ‘hive’ open, though, and you get a lot of undifferentiated protoplasm and a bunch of something that kind of tastes like honey (good luck figuring out a hive’s lifespan, assuming that the question even makes any kind of sense.). Where Blobees also differ from regular bees is that, since they’re pretty much flying droplets of goo, they can get through screen doors and windows without very much trouble.

So, yes, it did cause any number of panic attacks when this species showed up, apparently out of nowhere.  The good news is that Blobees don’t have a stinger or bite: they apparently dissuade predators by tasting disgusting.  And I mean disgusting.  Eating one won’t permanently destroy your sense of taste, but the flavor is thankfully indescribable, while also being permanently memorable. Fortunately, they don’t seem to crowd out any indigenous earth species of honeybee, and Blobee ‘honey’ is in fact itself edible, so most people seem to be getting over the introduction of this species into the ecosystem.


The people who are not getting over it — aside from the people with the relevant phobias — generally belong to military, government, and/or scientific agencies who would love to know where Blobees come from.  Because they didn’t come from Earth. Maybe they were placed here by aliens, maybe they’re inadvertent interdimensional travelers, maybe they’re shoggoths (a lot of people are somewhat irrationally scared that Blobees are shoggoths).  Getting the actual answer will obviously require some research and detective work.  
Which means: researchers and detectives.  And maybe a couple of people with big guns, in case there’s a portal involved.  Because it seems like there always has to be a portal involved…

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