The mildly depressing Steve Jackson Games 2016 Stakeholders’ Report.

Mildly depressing if you’re a fan of SJG’s roleplaying game lines, at least: essentially, you can pretty much forget about getting anything new in print for GURPS this year. Dungeon Fantasy and Ogre Kickstarter commitments have pretty much hijacked their schedule, which is kind of ironic, no?  And if GURPS is going to be sidelined, you can bet that we’re not going to get even a sniff of an In Nomine 20th Anniversary edition, either. Which saddens me even more than the GURPS news does.

Normally, I’d be hoping for some form of GURPS be made available as Open Access, on the grounds that if they’re only going to be doing PDF publishing of GURPS stuff anyway then they might as well encourage people to sell sourcebooks and thus generate more of a market for buying the main rules books.  But I know that Steve Jackson keeps a pretty close lock on that IP. Which is absolutely his privilege, of course. But still.


  • prayerborne says:

    But lemme guess: 75 new Munchkin editions will drop in 2017. 🙁
    It’s a fun enough little game, guys, but come ON. (I’m more angry at the people who keep REWARDING these decisions by continuing to buy them; Evil Stevie’s gotta go where his market is, like any other good capitalist)
    Also, what I’ve heard about the new edition of Car Wars fills me with fear and loathing but mostly loathing(mainly, it’s set 150 years from now, and they’re completely abandoning the established future history (which is now ALTERNATE history, unless TX, OK, & LA successfully seceded 10 years ago and I missed it)).

    • nicklevi86 says:

      Fair, Most of the crossover Munchkin editions puzzled me. But come, I shall conceal nothing from you: I shelled out for the recent Shakespeare kickstarter and have no shame.

    • acat says:

      If the Munchkins are done as kickstarters, then ..
      Have you considered trying to set up a custom Car Wars kickstarter?
      “Car Wars: Lada vs. Fiat” ?
      “Car Wars: Eastern European League” ?
      “Car Wars: Ice Road Trucker Duel” ?
      And yeah, I’m gonna miss the Amarillo Autoduel Arena.

  • Spegen says:

    Given how well the rest of the board game industry is doing, this report is doubly depressing. The Car Wars backer forum had been dead for a few months

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