A cool fan theory about Mass Effect Andromeda’s Vetra Nyx.

Link here: theory after the fold.

“The rather plausible theory is that Vetra’s father is none other than Saren Arterius, the Reaper’s envoy and lead baddie from the original Mass Effect.”

…I like this. As the article notes, the times match up, it’s a good shout-back to the original game, and given that [MORE SPOILERS] nobody in the Initiative except the Ryder kids knows that there was even a Reaper invasion in the first place it’s a secret whose revelation won’t actually have all that much effect on game play. Vetra’s last name of Nyx is an issue, but they can wiggle around that a bit; turian naming conventions are a little unclear because, you know, fictional alien race and all that.

Guess we’ll see when the DLC comes out.

Moe Lane

PS: I get why they don’t do Day One DLC anymore, but I wish that they’d do Day 14 DLC, or something. The Witcher spoiled me.

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  • Aetius451AD says:

    This is a fun bit of theorizing.

    Since I finished the game the first time (working on an Insanity playthrough right now) the game has surprisingly grown on me. I just like the concept. This is the kind of exploration and survival that appeals to me. From what I have seen to other people’s reactions, they excoriate ME 3, but at the same time measure this game (which is pretty much setup and world building) against it- and find it wanting. Fie and bah upon them.

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