Tweet of the Day, Successful #DeltaGreen Op On Atlanta’s I-20 edition.

They’re talking about a gas leak – or lack thereof – because a portion of Atlanta’s I-85 caught fire at the end of March (first picture below).  Ironically, that one was actually part of an Ordo Veritas veil-out.  OV and Delta Green tend to get along surprisingly badly, considering that they’re essentially in the same line of work…

Ooh, crossover adventures!  It’d be a memorable game.  And a short one, too.

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  • acat says:

    Hotlanta was simply not built to last. Very little in the post-WWII South was.
    I’m *hoping* this is all a GDOT plot to get their budgets straightened out and to build a proper Atlanta bypass – one that completely bypasses Atlanta by 150 miles … on the east, say, from a bit south of Toccoa down through Athens to Macon, and on the west, one that forks off at Calhoun before turning through Rome and south to Newnan before heading southeast to .. Macon.
    This’d make getting from points north (i.e. Chicago) to points south (i.e. Miami) less of a PITA.
    To your game idea, one wonders just which side GDOT is on ..

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