The SLLLOOWWWEDDD DOWWWN Kingsman 2 teaser trailer.

This may be cheating, but you can’t expect to do a ten second quick-cut trailer and not have the Internet take that as a personal challenge. Somebody is going to step up and adjust it frame by freaking frame. Just to say that they did.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle* will drop September 29th.

Moe Lane

*This is possibly an interesting reference to 19th Century American politics, by the way.  The Knights of the Golden Circle was a pre-Civil War conspiracy with distinctly pro-slavery leanings.  One wonders whether this was intentional or not. Normally I’d just assume ‘not,’ but this movie series already has a reputation for gonzo.  So maybe we’re going to get some bizarrely educational content?  Entertaining, if true.


  • bensdad00 says:

    Captain nitpick asks can you really talk about ‘this movie series’ when to date only one has been released and the source comic was fully mined for the first film?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      …Since when has that EVER stopped anybody like me from pontificating? 🙂

      • acat says:

        There’s a movie, and there’s another mostly in the can (still editing/adding effects, of course..) so ..
        Yeah, it’s a series, even if the second ends up straight-to-whatever-replaced-DVDs ..
        “Trancers” was a series of movies too.
        p.s. Please do keep pontificating.

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