So, GeekTyrant lost its sh*t over the Tom & Jerry Willy Wonka movie.

Rather entertainingly, too.

But the kicker is this… the songs in the trailer are the same as the classic Gene Wilder movie. As far as I can tell, the whole movie looks like it’s just a remake of the Gene Wilder movie but with sh[*]tty CGI game-looking animation and F[*]CKING TOM AND JERRY!


This is like a bad fan-fic someone thought up while hopped up on cough syrup. I hate you. You took something great and ruined it. What’s next? You’ve already screwed over Wizard of OZ, now Wonka. You gonna make Tom and Jerry Jurassic Park? Tom and Jerry Schindlers List? Tom and Jerry CarrieTom and Carrie… Uh-oh, Tom dumps blood on Jerry who goes mad and kills everyone with his telekinetic powers. STOP!

Come on, man. Tell us what you really think.

The aforementioned abomination unto the Lord after the fold. …What?  You’d think that I’d freaking LIKE a Tom & Jerry Willy Wonka movie that looks like they motion-capped the live action and recycled the songs?  Really?  Really?


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