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Vorpal Nerf Gun (VNG)


Appearance: a heavily-etched and carved plastic toy resembling a six-round revolver, and shooting foam darts.  The VNG operates perfectly well as a foam dart shooter, but something about the configuration of the gun and the carvings makes it peculiarly suitable for disrupting Outer Dark Entities (ODEs).  In game terms, the VNG acts as a two point pool dedicated to situations involving Special Means of Dispatch for a particular ODE.  Unfortunately, any use of the VNG itself damages the membrane.  Thus, determining the cost/benefit of use versus nonuse is sufficiently tricky that trying to do so in the field is strictly forbidden.

The original VNG was first recovered in a 2015 raid (designated Operation FIRECRACKER DACHSHUND) on the rural compound of Esoterrorist cell leader Hamid Alvarez. Alvarez organized his cell to research creating an Outer Dark Entity (ODE) based on Pacific Coast phobias of genetically engineered corn; the VNG was confiscated as part of general site sanitation.  The artifact’s odd qualities were discovered six months later. Later interviews with Alverez revealed that he had received the VNG as part of a blind swap with another Esoterrorist cell; further investigation into the item’s origins is underway.


Since 2016 there have been several reports of what appears to be a duplicate of the VNG being spotted in the field.  If you should find one, do not use it in areas where the membrane is already thin.  In fact, do not use the item at all. If you cannot secure it: first document, then destroy it. If time is pressing, simply destroy it.


(The following non-commercial, fan-created material is meant for use with the Esoterrorists RPG.  The Esoterrorists is a Trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd.)

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