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Guthorga (7/24)

This particular fantasy martial art is taught to those pursuing the bardic lifestyle. At its most general levels, it is mostly concerned with teaching how not to draw blood in a bar fight: Guthorga practitioners practice with batons instead of edged weapons, on the grounds that it’s usually easier to explain away a broken arm or two to the City Watch afterwards than it is to justify a slit throat.  The school does not typically teach how to talk your way out of trouble, however. If you want to be a bard, you should already know the basics of that!

The cinematic version of Guthorga, on the other hand, is reserved for individuals who have already proven themselves as masters of the bardic arts: there are many other skills and languages required besides the ones listed below. Charisma and Rapier Wit in particular are not so much required as simply expected of would-be Guthorga adepts. Alcoholism, interestingly, is not actually a common disadvantage: Guthorga adepts are expected to drink like fish because they enjoy it, not because they have to. Nonetheless, many stories of Guthorga masters involve their ability to shrug off anything while intoxicated.


Skills: Brawling, Cloak, Shortsword, Wrestling

Techniques: Armed Grapple (Cloak), Head Butt, Ground Fighting (Shortsword), Trip (Wrestling)

Cinematic Advantages: Charisma, Rapier Wit

Cinematic Skills: Body Control, Enthrallment (All four), Mental Strength, Public Speaking

Cinematic Techniques: Roll With Blow

Perks: Cotton Stomach, Drunken Fighting


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