Do I want For Honor, or Ghost Recon: Wildlands?

I get a copy of one or the other for free with the purchase of my new video card. So: For Honor looks like it’s all medieval combat, while Ghost Recon: Wildlands is presumably about sneaking around in the underbrush and occasionally reaching out and touching someone. Anybody got a burning opinion on which one is better?


  • Brian Swisher says:

    I enjoyed Ghost Recon: Advance Warfighter, so that’s what I’d pick. Don’t know if stealth and assault is your thing, though.

  • Jay says:

    This guy played for Honor for a while. He’s opinionated, tends toward toward consumer advocate, but he’s a straight talker.

  • Luke says:

    I think they’re both PvP.
    I’ve heard For Honor is meh, but that’s second hand at best.

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