Bad news on that X-Men sequel scheduled for 2018: it’s still happening.

But they’re going to do Deadpool 2 the same year, so it’s OK after all.

Deadpool 2, X-Men: The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix all ready to hit screens next year… The first to arrive in cinemas will be The New Mutants on April 13, 2018, followed a couple of months later by Deadpool 2 on June 1, 2018… Last but not least, Dark Phoenix will be warming up cinemas from November 2, 2018, which gives production plenty of time to find a director.

I suppose that it’s plenty of time, but that still feels like a fairly ominous statement to make. I mean, it’s May.  When was Fox going to get on that?

Moving on: look, OK, I understand how this works.  Fox will resist handing over the rights to make X-Men films because even the bad movies make bank for the company.  Which is kind of impressive, in its way: because of the ten movies at that link, maybe five of them were good-to-excellent*.  But there’s got to be a better way to exploit this property properly. After a certain point, doesn’t all that money stop drowning out the people snickering at your inability to consistently do good X-Men flicks?

Don’t answer that.

Moe Lane

*Deadpool, First Class, X-Men, Days of Future Past, and Logan (haven’t seen it**, but everybody worshiped it like unto a god, so I’ll trust the crowd here).

**I plan to, but I’m only intermittently into movies that start off by punching you in the gut a few times.

3 thoughts on “Bad news on that X-Men sequel scheduled for 2018: it’s still happening.”

  1. When you consider that the Fantastic Four movies have all done badly, and yet Fox keeps rolling them out (probably to maintain the license, if nothing else)…

    The uneven quality of the X-Men movies is kind of weird. There’s obviously something there. But Fox apparently still can’t figure out why people want to watch these movies.

    1. You kind of have to wonder about that, though. Is “maybe next time we’ll do a non-crappy job” the thought process? I mean, if you have no hope of doing a good enough job to make a lot of money, why hold on to the license?

      1. Did you ever happen to see “The Producers”?
        Does the play “Springtime for Hitler” ring a bell?
        Sometimes .. you *want* a film to tank ..

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