Japan’s looming Ninja crisis.

It’s apparently reaching critical levels.

According to Independent, “There has been an increasing demand to see the iconic warriors perform ‘ninja shows’ to crowds – but martial arts squads are struggling to find candidates who are up to scratch.”.

Takatsugu Aoki, the manager of a martial arts squad Nayoga, Japan, told theAsahi newspaper, “With the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan on the increase, the value of ninja as tourism content has increased. There are more employment choices, while ninja shows across the country have become popular. I feel there is a ninja shortage.”

Something… something must be done. Although, it occurs to me: are we sure that there’s a ninja crisis? After all, a Japan that doesn’t have enough ninja would on the surface appear to be identical to a Japan that has plenty of ninja, only they’re hiding.

Which reminds me.  What did I do with that In Nomine writeup?

3 thoughts on “Japan’s looming Ninja crisis.”

  1. A Japan WITHOUT a ninja crisis would be worrisome. We disarmed the aggressive little bastids for a reason and shouldn’t let them stealth-reärm under the guise of ‘entertainment’.

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