My players and I did combat for 7th Sea today.

It was an interesting time, although we’re all going to have to look more closely at the rules.  I also probably should make sure that the Villains have more dice in their pool to do Villainous stuff. Well, that’s how you learn.

If you’re interested: the major thing that we took away from 7th Sea combat is that it’s a bit more abstracted, or at least that we were treating it as abstracted.  It was very easy to jump about and shift focus, which is fine if you’re used to actually roleplaying and improvising dialogue. If you’re more of the ‘I hit him with my weapon for 1d8 damage’ school of gaming then you might find it less intriguing.

All in all, I think that the combat system works, but it’s not very intuitive. We may end up coming up with significant numbers of house rules.  Which, hey, is just what we all did with first edition 7th Sea!

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