So, they’re limiting players in Secret World Legend zones to… ten?

That’s… well, we’ll have to see how it plays out in real time.

Funcom elected to go with 10 players per zone instance for Secret World Legends with priority given to friends of players and groups. Players who spend most of their time solo will find other solo players in the same zone.

“We are trying to find a sweet spot because we also don’t want the players to be completely alone and never see another living soul,” Amiel explained when asked about the player limit in zones. The implication is this may still change as the beta continues and through the launch of Secret World Legendson June 26 and then July 31 on Steam.

Look, I don’t want to be That Guy.  You know, the guy that bitches and moans about how great the game was before they wrecked it, and nobody cares about what it used to be like, and it’s not the same anymore.  But. One of the defining moments for me with The Secret World was at the beginning, where I had gotten into a bit of trouble and was being chased halfway across the zone by a monster that I couldn’t kill.  Somebody very kindly killed the monster for me, explained what I was doing wrong, gave me a few suggestions on how to make my build work better, and generally was, you know, gracious and so forth.  Because somebody did the same for him, back in the day.

I’m going to miss that attitude — which was pretty universal among the people playing the game — if the new layout even tacitly discourages it. I kind of liked wandering through the earlier zones and giving impromptu tutorials on how to do lairs and dungeons and whatnot. I will miss not being able to do it anymore.

Well, maybe they’ll boost the per-zone to 25 or something.

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  • Aproposofnothing says:

    I agree, 10 seems too low. I also agree that TSW has the best type of players as most are very helpful and friendly.

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