My brief, spoiler-free review of the awesome Wonder Woman.

Short version: it’s awesome.   More brightly-colored, recognizably good vs. unquestionably evil superhero flicks with good actors and action, please. Seriously, DC could have done something like this for Man of Steel and they should have, too.

Slightly longer version: in my opinion, Wonder Woman came into theaters under a disadvantage by dint of having to fulfill three obligations simultaneously.  To wit:

  1. It had to not suck as a flick. All movies have this one, but universal obligations are still obligations.
  2. It had to be good enough to keep people interested in the DCEU franchise. They’re going to be making DCEU films for as long as those films keep making money, but even Hollywood is made up of people who don’t want to have to explain to their kids why they keep making bad Justice League movies.
  3. It had to meet the expectations of its female audience. Note: not ‘feminist.’  Female.

I’d say that Wonder Woman fit all three criteria.  It was a good popcorn superhero flick with clear moral positions and a color palette that wasn’t all black and grey: the two main characters had good chemistry and worked well together; and the story was engrossing.  I came out of it more eager to see the Justice League flick, so that worked. As for the third criterion; well, I went to see it with my wife, and she found it almost overwhelmingly empowering, in the best sense.  Judging from that, and the reaction I’ve seen to the movie online, I’m thinking that #3 was covered.

Bottom line is: It Did Not Suck. You will likely enjoy it, if you like superhero movies. Go ahead and see it.

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  • jeboyle says:

    Well, that’s encouraging.

    Frankly, I’ve been expecting the worst since Suicide Squad, despite the trailers.

    Probably will see this this weekend.

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