I wonder if Disney is going to move up Captain Marvel now.

Or is that even a sensible strategy?  I’m not sure how this sort of thing games out. Does not having Captain Marvel out until 2019 build up the expectations for that movie — because it will be compared to Wonder Woman; I can almost see the think pieces in the aether, waiting to be manifested — for too long? Or does the studio want some distance in time between Wonder Woman and this flick? Weirdly, this is the one field in the DC/Marvel media wars where Marvel is at a disadvantage; the MCU doesn’t go in much for iconic (given how Marvel’s original iconic characters were all farmed out to other studios, it largely can’t). Wonder Woman is a solidly iconic movie at this point, and I suspect that there’s going to be another round of think pieces when it doesn’t get any serious Oscar nominations*. Extremely ticked-off ones.

Moe Lane

*The Academy purely hates superhero flicks. Even when they’re better than what normally gets the nomination.  Particularly when they’re better, in fact. The only reason they gave Heath Ledger that Best Supporting Actor Oscar was because it was posthumous.


  • prayerborne says:

    I imagine they can’t move it too much without screwing up their timeline (assuming Infinity War Pt II is a major before/after point for the MCU). “Ant-Man & Wasp” in 2019, with extremely likable Evangeline Lily as Wasp, is their next scheduled potential grrrl-power movie. I suppose if they’re desperate enough they could bring Captain Marvel into next year’s Infinity War Pt I, although that’s already begun shooting…

  • Luke says:

    Captain Marvel is a risky property for Disney.
    Let’s face it, most of the population doesn’t have a clear idea which properties are DC, and which ones are Marvel. And the iconic Captain Marvel of childhood wish projection (and so many Saturday morning shows) was the DC character. There will be disappointment when nobody shouts “Shazam!”
    Worse, Carol Danvers is boring. There’s a reason Marvel had Rogue steal her powers and keep her in a coma for years. And that little nugget is still the most interesting thing about her.

    • Jeff Weimer says:

      And thanks to the Supergirl TV show, the name Danvers belongs to DC in the popular imagination.

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