In the Mail: The Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook.

I’m going to look over it for a week or so and decide whether to run a game in it for WashingCon. I’m not sure that I’m familiar with the actual rule set that the Dragon Age RPG uses, for one thing. I also don’t know whether I want to run a slugfest, which may be the tacit default option here.  I’ll mull it all over for a bit.





3 thoughts on “In the Mail: The Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook.”

  1. I think I can help on that. Back on Season 1 of Wil Wheaton’s (Yes, yes. I know) Tabletop, he ran a 2 part episode where he played Dragon Age, and Chris Pramas (the designer of DA) GM’d. By watching the episode, you can probably pick up enough of the basic rules to help give you a familiarity bonus when you actually read the rules. It’s over here:

    1. *Eh.*
      He’s a decent enough story teller and game player. I just avoid any other content of his like the plague, because his anger issues really bleed through.

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