God, this Bethesda Creation Club thing is gonna be a HUGE PitA.

I mean, OK, as a concept Bethesda’s Creation Club for Fallout 4 and Skyrim is great.

But it’s gonna be a pure headache to everybody who has already modded the game. Because I don’t think that all that vetted content is going to be compatible with all the modded content out there, and I certainly don’t think that all the best modded content is going to end up being vetted.  For a variety of reasons.  On the plus side — and it’s a very big plus side — some modders may end up getting paid for some of their stuff.

So I guess we’ll see.

One thought on “God, this Bethesda Creation Club thing is gonna be a HUGE PitA.”

  1. From what I understand, the club is being extremely vetted. You need a portfolio of mods to get in and your new works can’t duplicate the older stuff. So if, for example, you did a mutant hippo mod for F4, you can’t just update it and put it on the store. But it’s also being vetted to not break the game so who knows how it’ll perform with other mods?
    And this just dropped from Ubi:

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