So I have a can of diced tomatoes and mild chilies.

It’s going to get incorporated with this slow-roasted, shredded pork somehow, but I don’t know exactly in what fashion.  I don’t know if I want to just dump it in and let it heat up for the next hour or so, though.  Suggestions?

Moe Lane

PS: This pork’s ultimate destiny is to be put into soft taco shells and eaten in a vaguely Mexican fashion.  So there’s that.

[UPDATE: My wife has arrived, and has gently but inexorably scuppered my plans to dump in a can of black beans and the aforementioned tomatoes/chilies. To be fair, this is because apparently the pork tastes fine on its own. But there’s a lot of it, so we’re deferring this cookery problem for tomorrow, not abandoning it.]


  • bensdad00 says:

    Its foodie heresy but the company recipe of Velveeta and Ro-tel chilies is an addictive and delicious chip dip.

    • JAB says:

      Yes. I usually add in a pound of ground sausage, cooked and drained ahead of time. Works well in a slow cooker.

  • JAB says:

    (1) If you end up using the can of black beans somehow, I highly recommend rinsing them. The liquid will dye everything and adds a kind of weird texture.
    (2) A can of diced tomatoes with chilies won’t add much more flavor than a can of just straight tomatoes. So I’d add the kinds of spices you’d add to ground beef tacos. OTOH, if the wife says it’s fine, it’s fine. Maybe add some toppings?

  • Brian Swisher says:

    Maybe some cumin and coriander if you haven’t added some already?

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