The Beyond Good And Evil 2 E3 trailer.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 is gleefully violent and casually profane and absolutely unsuitable for children (or those of infirm moral character) and I am extremely concerned that it will not be available on the PC. Because, yeah, that last bit is the only real deal-breaker for me. I’m just not going to buy a PS4. It’s not in the cards.


  • Aruges says:

    It will wind up on PC. Ubi doesn’t do permanent console exclusives. I’m meh on this one though. I kind of hated everything it showed… The swearing, too much detail on the cartoonish charcters, why are all the women hot? Are the men are animals? None of those things were elements in the first game… I guess they are aiming for the now much older fans of the original game in a hamfisted way (it’s been 15 years). Bleh.

    • Aruges says:

      I’ll climb down on the , all the men are animals thing as it’s probably just that all the men in this trailer happen to be the hybrid human/animal things that were in the first game. There were normal human men in the first game.

  • Canthros says:

    That looks neat, but it also looks like 100% Blur Studios cinematic and 0% game.

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