Book of the Week: The Hunt For Red October.

I got turned on to Tom Clancy novels by a buddy in college. The Hunt For Red October was maybe the first one I read, because of the movie (which is, of course, excellent, and not least because it boasts a remarkably good cast). It was about then, I think, that I started coming to the (at the time) uncomfortable realization that maybe Ronald Reagan wasn’t an amiable dunce after all.  …Much followed, from that.

And so, adieu to Hard Magic.

6 thoughts on “Book of the Week: The Hunt For Red October.”

  1. Loved Clancy’s stuff up through Debt of Honor. The quality started dropping off after that. I theorized it was because he ran out of stuff for Jack Ryan to do (I’ll avoid spoilers in case you’ve not read the set). I will say though, my favorite of classic Clancy, Without Remorese, is not a Jack Ryan focused novel. It’s a great revenger and covers the back story of Mr. Clark.

  2. Crimson Tide was mine.
    The Jack Ryan stories started getting old after the third one. Always wished he would have gone back to writing war stories.
    OT, the Bioware CEO was asked about solo play for Anthem. Providing for that js a major focus, and he hyped the story as epic, in the best tradition of Bioware.

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