Tweet of the Day, You’re Not Going To Believe That These Sculptures Are Real edition.

But apparently they are.  If these are fakes, then they’re fakes that have managed to survive over a century’s scrutiny, which is impressive all by itself.  But, seriously, this is real:


  • nicklevi86 says:

    I’m always amazed how often “primitive” is equated with stupid by those who should know better, but need a lazy social pick-me-up. Ancients still got all those pyramids built after all, and rural farmers still have a good deal more common sense than ever given credit for.
    Further rumination would violate Teh Posting Ruelz…

  • Belcatar says:

    It’s not so far-fetched to me. Think about it…it’s snowing, you’re hungry, there’s nothing to do because the snow is drifting three or four feet deep out there, and no one has yet invented the showshoe. But you see a lump of wet clay sitting there. So you say, “Hey, Oog.” (Oog is your brother-in-law.) You know what I’d like right now? A nice fat buffalo.” And then you proceed to sculpt one. When Oog sees the final product he says, “That was just luck, man.” (Because Oog is an envious person who can’t stand the success of others.)
    So you make a second one just to shut him up.
    And it works.

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