Good morning.

Well, sort of. I got up at the usual time, because I had to go to the doctor’s to get the wart attacked again.  Which, as expected, hurt more than the last time; sufficiently so that, when I got home with the kids (who are now old enough to hang out quietly in the waiting room with a tablet and not get into stuff, thankfully) my eldest suggested that I should go take a nap.  Which was an excellent idea, so I did.

So.  Good morning.

Moe Lane

PS: The eldest was also all Ooh, what’s that? when Led Zep came on the radio.  So, basically, net gain for the day so far.

5 thoughts on “Good morning.”

  1. Hopefully “Immigrant Song” and not “Whole Lotta Love”. Fewer hard to answer follow up questions…

  2. I fondly remember when my daughter was in junior high (she is now 38) and she and her girlfriends were all into Led Zeplin and I started singing along….. she did the head whip and said: Mom, you KNOW these lyrics?????

    The incredibly nice/funny thing is her elder son (7) LOVES Led Zep.

    AO pontificates: Music transcends generations.

    As a total side note: she/they also loved James Taylor. One of her saddest moments was when she discovered he no longer looked like the album cover of Sweet Baby James.

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