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Talents for Cosmic Horror Campaigns


Below are Talents (GURPS Basic Set: Characters, pages 89-90) that would be suitable for a classic 1930s style Cthulhu Mythos campaign. Customization is, of course, encouraged; for example, the Cultist Talent assumes that the cultist is some sort of Tcho-Tcho or Cthulhu Cult minion. A Dagonite, on the other hand, might have Swimming and Brawling, instead of Climbing and Blowpipe.  Also: the higher the level of the Talent, the higher the likelihood of various forms of insanity. At least, that’s how it always seems to work out in the stories.

Aesthete: Artist (one speciality), Carousing, Erotic Art, Hidden Lore (Things Man Was Not Meant To Know), Savoir-Faire, and Sex Appeal. Reaction Bonus: people you’ve amused, and callow youths. 5 points/level.


“Cleaner”: Acting, Autohypnosis, Administration, Body Language, Detect Lies, Environmental Suit, Exorcism, Explosives, Forward Observer, Hazardous Materials, Interrogation, Intimidation, and Liquid Projector. Reaction Bonus: other people out there suppressing forbidden knowledge, and authority figures. 15 points/level.


Cultist: Blowpipe, Climbing, Escape, Garotte, Hypnotism, and Stealth. Reaction Bonus: fellow cultists, and potential masters. 5 points/level.


Investigator: Driving, Explosives, Fast-Talk, Forced Entry, Hidden Lore (Things Man Was Not Meant To Know), Interrogation, Leadership, Observation, Running, and Search. Reaction Bonus: other seekers after strange things, and people who need your help. 10 points/level.


Savant: Archaeology, Astronomy, Exorcism, Hidden Lore (Things Man Was Not Meant To Know), Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Occultism, Physics, Research, Teaching, Theology, and Weird Science. Reaction Bonus: students, and anyone who respects authority figures. 15 points/level.






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