Secret World Legends is up! …IF you already had an account.

Those of us from the old days have a weekend to kick all the tires and whatnot before Secret World Legends launches for everybody else Monday (or maybe it’s open for all now?).  I spent a couple of hours getting through the tutorials and whatnot.  The combat does seem to be a bit different, and the skill system definitely is. On the plus side, the graphics are better, there are people around again, and we’re back to having a bunch of different currencies to manipulate for various benefits.  And yes, I absolutely missed the currency manipulation. I’m weird like that.

One thing, though: if you were previously a The Secret World member, log into SWL with your TSW account and password so that you can port over all your old vanity stuff.  Like your motorcycles and whatnot.  The in-game cash apparently ain’t coming over, though – more’s the pity.

Now, if you’ll excuse me: I need to see a person about a cabal.  Surely the League of Monster Slayers is back online…


  • junior says:

    Been playing it for much of the day.

    I understand *why* Funcom made the changes to the weaponskill system. But I don’t like those changes. My character is Elemental/Chaos Magic, but I’ve yet to really come up with a good reason why I should invest all that much into Chaos Magic instead of just blowing everything on Elemental Magic.

    The synergy from the old system is badly missed.

  • LOMS is back in SWL,
    enter /chat join #LoMSGlobal and ask for an invite

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