Item Seed: The Metronome of the Universe.

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The Metronome of the Universe


It looks like a perfectly normal metronome — and it is, as long as you don’t push in the little button at the base.  If you do, then the Metronome of the Universe starts ticking in a very specific rhythm.  The natural rhythm of the universe itself: its heartbeat, as it were.  At least, that’s what the deepest-diving mystics and the most outre of the theoretical physicists say, and they’d the ones who would know, right?

The bad news about listening to the Metronome is that, while it’s running, you’re not going to do anything else except listen (the range is about thirty feet before it attenuates enough to be shrugged off, and about sixty before people start not hearing it at all).  The good news is that once you’re done listening to it you will then be in tune with the universe itself for the next day.  That makes everything easier. In game terms: reduce by one level the difficulty of all skill checks made by a person affected by the Metronome.  This advantage does not stack.
Also: the aforementioned button that activates the Metronome’s special ability when pushed in will push back out on its own after five minutes.  Do yourself a favor and don’t tape the button down.  That can end… weirdly.

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