Mass Effect: Andromeda removes Denuvo DRM in latest patch.

This is like old-style Kremlinology.  What does it mean, man?  Denuvo was on Mass Effect: Andromeda to prevent piracy, of course.  Does its going away mean that there won’t be single-player DLC, because Bioware no longer cares about the property? Or does it mean there will be DLC, because removing Denuvo allegedly improves performance and Bioware expects that people will be coming back to play the game soon?  It’s all very obscure.

I know, I know. I should not expect any single-player DLC for MEA.  I should actively expect that MEA will never have single-player DLC.  But I want to fight my way through to save the quarian Ark, tanjit. I enjoy doing things like that.


  • Aetius451AD says:

    ME:A suffered from the internet still venting it’s spleen about the supposed horror that was Mass Effect 3.

    I was watching something on youtube and someone mentioned how a movie reminded them of Mass Effect 3 and they referred to it as “The Worst Game ever.” Really, the worst game ever? I can think of about a dozen games that were far far worse at continuing a series *coughMaxPayne3cough*, and not too many games that I had more fun playing.

    The characters in ME:A are bland. Not horrible, but they are bland, and not something we expect from a Mass Effect game. The gameplay however, was top notch. The story idea and implications is one of the best I have seen in gaming, honestly. It could have been presented in a different way that emphasized it more. It reminds me of ST: Voyager- a fantastic concept that would have been much improved by better characters and story presentation.

    So, do DLC or don’t do DLC (I would much prefer DLC.) I just wish people who shut the hell up about Mass Effect 3 and not tar every single game in the Mass Effect series for it’s ‘Supposed’ offenses.

    TL;DR- Go to hell internet.

    • Luke says:

      Thanks for your concern.
      But Mass Effect is dead to me. Mass Effect 3 was not the worst game ever, but you’d have to search far and wide to find a bigger insult to a fanbase from a creator. (And I’m including Bungie and Destiny in that. Bungie breaking nearly every single promise they made about their game still doesn’t begin to reach the level of malicious betrayal the ME3 ending comprised.) I will never spend a single dime on anything related to the series again.
      I will not forget, and I will not forgive.
      Mass Effect delenda est.
      Burn it to ashes.
      Sow the ground with salt.

      • junior says:

        That’s the reason that I refused to get any of the ME3 DLC (no matter how good that one DLC was supposed to be).

        However, I only carried that attitude for ME3 itself. While I had reservations going into MEA, I did ultimately end up buying it. If a game developer learns from its mistakes and creates a decent product (and in my opinion, ME3’s problems do not exist in MEA), then why should I keep punishing the game developer?

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