Whoa. The new live-action Tick… might not… suck?

Huh.  I’ve been, you know, assuming that it’s gonna suck, because let’s face it; it’s hard for our culture to do the Tick properly.  And yet; and, yet.  This is not a bad trailer. It promises a certain level of respect for the intellectual property.

The Tick will be released to Amazon Prime members on August 25th.


  • BigGator5 says:

    Umm… Did you not watch the pilot episode when it was on Amazon Prime last year? In fact, go watch it now!

  • Luke says:

    Watch the pilot. They did a good job with it.
    They could fall off the tightrope, but the pilot was encouraging.
    I was terribly disappointed with the 2001 live action attempt, and expected to be this time around as well.
    I haven’t been.
    The Tick is perfect. They nail the character.
    Arthur is solid, if a bit on the muted colors gritty/angsty end of the modern superhero spectrum.
    The supporting characters were great.
    My only concerns really involve the Big Bad and the background Superman analogue character, everything else gave me confidence.

    • Luke says:

      I’m also taking solace that The Tick’s original comic creator is the lead writer, and both of the producers are named Barry.

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