New international TV trailer for Justice League.

And, I admit: I’m kind of surprised that they haven’t succumbed to temptation and shown any Justice League footage yet of Superman.

(From Geeks Are Sexy)

Because, let’s be honest: Superman is going to be in Justice League.  Nobody expects them to waste that incredibly heavy-handed (and pointless*) scene in Batman v Superman where Supes dies heroically to save everybody.  Then again, the movie is coming out in November, so maybe they’re waiting to do the reveal for just a bit longer. Wonder Woman gave ’em a bit of breathing room, you see.  DC’s probably figuring that they can count on a bunch of us showing up now just to see Gal Gadot again.  Which is… true, in point of fact.

Also, and it’s weird to admit it: I wish that they had done that standalone Batman flick. I liked Ben Affleck, when he was being all, you know, a detective and suchlike. Go figure.

Moe Lane

*I bought a print for my wife that shows Wonder Woman in the iconic “We Can Do It!” pose, only she’s saying “I Should Have Done It!”  Entertainingly, that picture abruptly went from “Ah. Thanks, honey. Guess we’ll put it somewhere” to “Up above her craft room audio recording computer” oh, about a month or so ago.

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