Of two minds on this Black The Fall video game trailer.

On the one hand: the aesthetic for Black the Fall works for me, not least because it’s pretty matter-of-fact about how nasty Communism is* and why it should be fled whenever possible.  on the other hand, I don’t care for that particular kind of gameplay.  But that’s a personal aesthetic choice for me, and should not be factored into your purchasing decisions.  And, on the gripping hand: it’s apparently very close to that of Inside’s.  Which I’ve actually never heard of before, because, after all, I don’t play these kinds of games.

Out on Steam now.

Moe Lane

*And may the verb soon be ‘was.’

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  • junior says:

    One of the negative reviews for this game on Steam is… disturbing. The reviewer in question basically gave the game a negative review because the game made it clear that the country being depicted was a communist country. The reviewer complained about the “anti-socialist” bias of the game, and claimed that the hammer and sickle and other emblems in the game were “… symbols of freedom and liberty to many.” The reviewer called the game “… obvious and politically naïve childish nonsense”, and ended his (probably – the name listed was ‘Sergey’) review by noting that totalitarian inhumane societies can also be capitalistic.

    The 85,000,000+ dead victims of Communism could not be reached for comment.

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