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Pacheco-Chiba Syndrome [0]


Official knowledge of this particular medical condition is more or less suppressed –although that makes what’s happening sound far more official than it actually is.  In reality, nobody in the field of medicine wants to admit that Pacheco-Chiba Syndrome exists, because if they did they’d probably get laughed into an early retirement.  And by people who themselves know full well that the Syndrome is very real.

The problem for medical researchers is while Pacheco-Chiba Syndrome is real, it’s also unreal.  Which is to say, it appears to be some sort of quasi-psionic mental state that allows people with the Syndrome to manipulate reality itself in subtle, but measurable ways.  It’s not ‘merely’ luck, although those with Pacheco-Chiba Syndrome are routinely lucky in ways that would have made J.B. Rhine eat his cards. In an odd sort of way, those with the syndrome seem to simply matter a little more than those around them. They’re also notoriously difficult to get drunk.


Pacheco-Chiba Syndrome is not entirely positive, though: people who have it regularly attract the metaphysical attention of the universe itself — or at least the more bizarre parts of it.  There’s also a distressing lack of self-awareness when it comes to the impressions that people with Pacheco-Chiba Syndrome can have on other people.  At its worst, somebody with this condition can and will completely forget past slights done by – or to! – him; and, if reminded, will be genuinely confused at the thought that a grudge, however logical, might be justified. At best, people with Pacheco-Chiba Syndrome still tend to get into everybody’s business. Fortunately for them, they get along well with others. Sometimes too well.


As conceived, it would be more amusing to make this particular set of advantages and disadvantages only available to non-player characters.  Considerably more amusing.


Advantages: Destiny (Minor Advantage) [5], Luck [15]

Perks: Alcohol Tolerance [1], Deep Sleeper [1]

Disadvantages: Delusion (“My actions do not have long-term consequences”) (minor) [-5], Weirdness Magnet [-15]

Quirks: Congenial [-1], Nosy [-1]


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