In the (E-)Mail: The Monster Hunter Files.

I actually wasn’t over on Baen E-books for this — it’s been a while since the latest Honor Harrington, David Drake’s no doubt going to write another Leary & Mundy story any day now, and of course there’s all the 163X stuff — but I’ll grab the ARC of The Monster Hunter Files, ya, you betcha.  It is, after all, now on my list of wait-fors.  This one is a compilation of other authors playing around in Larry Correia’s universe, so it should be of particular interest.  I’m there largely for the “Agent Franks vs. Nazis,” myself.  Should prove to be… entertaining.


  • acat says:

    Just got done with Lee & Miller’s fresh new short “Due Diligence”, also picked up their “Change Management” short. Both should, in theory, be available from Baen, but are also on Amazon.
    I should note, the Liaden(tm) Universe is vast, odd, and quite large .. I’d suggest starting with “Agent of Change” because that’s the publication start, but .. there’s a couple other solid starting points, including “Fledgling”, depending on who you’re throwing into the deep end.
    Anyway .. all that said .. since I’ve read those .. now I know what I’m gonna go the next pixels I’ll trade money for …

    • Luke says:

      More books in the queue that I won’t have time to read anytime soon.
      (I am so very sick of home improvement projects.)

      • acat says:

        One upside to renting .. the home improvement projects become someone elses’ to do.
        Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re done right, done on time, or .. done at all .. depending on the landlord.

  • Wombat-socho says:

    Drake actually has a novel coming out in November that isn’t part of the RCN series, according to his post-Libertycon newsletter.

  • BigFire says:

    Jim Butcher is going to have a chat with the lawyers from the estate of late Robert C. O’Brien with his short story. Sort of like how the ending of Skin Game appropriates a different pop icon (all the while 100% internally consistent).

    It’s a blast when ‘that thing’ happens. I literally LOLed.

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