The new, slightly disconnected, Blade Runner 2049 trailer.

As my wife says: “The Fridge Logic* is strong in this one.” At least, the potential for Fridge Logic.  There are many questions being begged in the Blade Runner 2049 trailer.



  • DemosthenesVW says:

    Oh, no.
    Harrison Ford saying “We were being hunted” had better not be Ridley Scott’s attempt to canonize the Deckard-as-replicant theory.
    If it is, I’ll treat this the same way I treat Buffy Season 8 — as a blight upon creation, to be fervently ignored.

    • RangerSG says:

      I admit I found that argument at least partially persuasive. That said, I’d rather that be kept ambiguous. It’s not something I’d expect him to volunteer, or even know himself necessarily. Otherwise, he’d be subject to the same 5 year meltdown of every other replicant, right?
      BTW, I think Harrison Ford is going around to these roles to literally bury every one of his iconic characters. If he does another Indiana Jones, the hat really will be empty at the end.

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