Item Seed: The D-Day Bullet

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The D-Day Bullet

This item was the first bullet from a German Mauser rifle fired at Utah Beach that killed a member of the American military. There is a lot of occult discussion as to just who was the first real casualty of D-Day; as a result, there are several items that can be plausibly claimed to represent the first fatal shot made against the Allies that day.  This particular Bullet, however, is so powerful that it almost glows in the dark for non-magic users, so there’s that.

Esoterically speaking, this item turns its holder into almost an avatar of the Willing Victim (in Unknown Armies, that’s exactly what it would do). If you know what the Bullet is and what it can accomplish, and you bear it anyway, you will die within a month. However, that death will be incredibly significant, if not outright vital, for the success of whatever cause you personally most believe in.  The universe also apparently doesn’t judge all causes equally: if your cause is ‘unworthy,’ you will inexplicably lose the Bullet if you don’t give it to somebody else.


Watching various of the more nefarious shadowy organizations in the Great Game try, and fail, to use this item for their own purposes can be highly entertaining.


  • bensdad00 says:

    So that’s what they ‘found’ on Kennnedy’s stretcher in Dallas…

    • JAB says:

      Huh. That makes way too much sense. 🙂

      Then the question becomes, what exactly was Kennedy working towards? Because in that kind of world, it’s not going to be anything obvious.

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