Bacon Pickle Fries. Bacon Goram Pickle Fries.

This is it.  This is the choice for the Destructor.  It’s just… complete.  I don’t see how you can top Bacon Pickle Fries for sheer audacious, artery-clogging wonderment.

Of course I’m bloody making these.  I just need to get some bacon, only the stores are all closed*.

*If there’s bacon in the house, the bacon gets cooked and eaten.  That is simply the way of it. So I leave bacon in the store, until I need to buy, cook, and eat it.

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  • Skip says:

    So you go to the store every single day, for bacon?

    You should make your own, if you can clear a shelf in the fridge for 5-7 days it’s pretty easy. Then you have bacon, it just needs to be sliced to be used.

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