Netflix acquires Millarworld.

Link here: what this basically means is that Netflix can now draw (heh) on Mark Millar’s comic properties when making its own comic book movies or shows.  Assuming that Netflix wants to do that. And why would they want to do that, anyway? — Aside from the fact that Marvel and DC are raking in the big bucks, of course. Which is why Netflix wants to do that.

There was also a list of what Millar properties should be immediately optioned, but I’m not linking to it because it was a stupid list.  And why was it a stupid list?  Because it didn’t have Starlight on it. Yes, I know that that’s supposed to be going to 20th Century Fox, but that studio hasn’t done anything with it and do we really want them to, anyway?  Starlight is probably my favorite Millar comic; it should get made into a miniseries, pronto.

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