You *want* this Esoterrorists Bundle of Holding.

For sixteen bucks and change this is a great deal for Esoterrorists RPG PDFs.  Lemme put it this way: I’m not picking it up because I own all of the books already.  Most of them in print.  Heck, I have the first edition rules from when it was all about the GUMSHOE rules and only had bits and pieces touch on the actual ‘sane conspiracy horror / supernatural investigation’ game world*.  By all means, get this series.

Moe Lane

*It’s different from many other supernatural investigation game settings in that the conspiracy that the PCs are working for is essentially benevolent (while still being ruthless on demand) and remarkably intolerant of sociopaths within its own ranks.  No steady spiral out into broken relationships and substance abuse for the Ordo Veritatis, thanks; you start to feel the strain, they get you competent psychological counseling. Because when you’re trying to patch holes in reality made by unnatural occurrences and human suffering maybe you shouldn’t be doing either yourself?

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