More tragic news.

Turns out the kids are going to be staying at Nana’s for a couple of more days.  And since my wife is going to be going down to see the eclipse after all, well; I’m going to be rattling around the house for the weekend.  By myself.  Just me, and the cat.

The horror threatens to overwhelm.

Moe Lane

PS: There may or may not be tasty, tasty beverages consumed tomorrow, given that I don’t have a damned thing to do or go* after I steam-clean the living room carpet. Fair warning; there may be no posts.  There may be bizarre posts. I am playing this solidly by ear.

*The beer store is across the street, so no need to drive.


  • Patrick Thomas says:

    That sounds like a great plan. I had preliminary plans to visit a friend up in Salem, OR, but a new engine 3 weeks ago kinda scrapped those plans. I made a smokey porter with chipotle for the occasion that I can still enjoy, so there’s that.

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