Marvel’s gaze across its intellectual property field falls upon Richard Rider’s Nova.

I admit: I only dimly remember this comic.  Then again, I also only dimly remembered Star-Lord, which didn’t stop Marvel Comics from giggling like a loon as all the lovely money came pouring in. So get ready for the next Great Harvesting Of The Back Issues:

Writer and director James Gunn is not only returning to direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and executive producing Avengers: Infinity War, but he’s also helping plan out the long-term future of the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or at least, the next 10-20 years worth! And for you Nova fans out there, yes, he and Marvel Studios are indeed considering introducing the “real” Nova, Richard Rider.

I don’t think that this would have worked, thirty years ago. Or maybe even twenty years ago.  But we live in an age of CGI marvels (ahem) where you can actually use it to show glorious things, like those majestic full-page drawings of orbital cities and solar systems and space battles, like so many iridescent jewels on the velvet black of space. Marvel drew a lot of that stuff; and now they can make movies that your inner eight year old will love.  So: nice bennie of growing up, hey?


  • BigGator5 says:

    Nice thing about a Nova movie, is that they laid down a lot of ground work in Guardians. An appearance by Star-Lord as a mentor to a young Rider (a la Spider-Man: Homecoming) sounds like fun. Even if they don’t do that, the possibilities are endless.
    Love Marvel or hate them, they’re embarrassing DC.

    • DemosthenesVW says:

      Very few of the Marvel movies have been really great. Iron Man, Avengers, Winter Soldier, and Guardians 2 are the only ones in that category, or so I would argue.
      But almost all of them have been acceptable or better, and most have been good. None of them has skimped on spectacle. And while they’re not always light-hearted campy fun, they’re also not infected with the fatal DC strain of sturm-und-drang.
      Sidenote: I hate what the DCEU has done to Superman. And while Henry Cavill looks the part more than Tyler Hoechlin (who plays Superman on CW’s Supergirl series), I don’t want to see him in the role again. Give me Hoechlin’s affable, decent, mild-mannered portrayal anyday.

      • BigGator5 says:

        I don’t watch the CW shows anymore, mainly because SJW/Young Adult bores me to death.

        • DemosthenesVW says:

          Shame. You’re missing out on some of the finest superhero stuff ever filmed, no fooling. Granted, that stuff is watered down with cheap and silly romance, and shot through with noxious politics. But I can still make the separation.

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