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Foster Park Gazebo


The Foster Park Gazebo is located in Le Mars, Iowa; it is mundanely located in the Foster Park Historic District, and is considered to be a historical site of some local note.  Esoterically speaking, it is easily the single most occultly-charged location in the Midwest between Chicago and Rapid City, South Dakota. It’s so potent that novice spellcasters are advised to cast no spells within two hundred feet of the gazebo itself, particularly including ones involving fertility.

This particular situation represents a combination of conditions.  Pre-Columban memory records suggest that the site was known to Native Americans as a natural, if minor, healing locus.  This locus was strengthened in the late 19th Century by railroad magnate, Shrouded Freemason, and Hidden Senator John Insley Blair.  Blair used an interesting bit of gynomancy and Rosicrucian symbolic marriage spellcrafting to give the town of Le Mars an interestingly paradoxical magical signature — the town’s name is an acrostic of six contemporary local women’s first names; it hardly needs be said that using that trick to name a town after the male god of war has profound esoteric effects — and the Gazebo site profited mightily from that correspondence.


And then there’s the Wells Enterprises ice cream plants.  The name of their signature product — Blue Bunny ice cream — was either inspired symbolism (Blue is a paramount color in Freemasonry; rabbits are potent fertility symbols) or a happy accident.  It doesn’t particularly matter which: as noted above, fertility spells cast at or near the Foster Park Gazebo are potent.  Scarily potent.  “There’s a two year waiting list” potent. And it’s definitely “don’t screw up your spells here” potent.


“Have a rapid-deployment team on hand in case of trouble” potent, in fact.  Preferably, said team would consist of both mages and non-mages, given how volatile the local magical fields are. It would make for an interesting place for a special assignment, too.

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