The Great September Patreon Pledge Drive.

It being September, I think that it is a marvelous time to start really pushing the Patreon every day. Short version of Patreon: give me money, I give you original fiction and gaming material.  The more I make, the more you get. And it can all be yours for as little as one dollar a month!

The plan is to boost the signal a bit, so I’ll be showcasing some of my stuff, enticing with some more of my stuff, and in general riding that thin line between banging-the-pot and being-a-nuisance. Right now the goal is to reach the $200/month goal, which will result in subscribers getting a 3,ooo word short story every month.  Seriously, this is an amazing bargain. Tell your friends! Heck, tell your enemies and pretend that it’ll hurt your feelings if they subscribe. I’m not proud.

Today’s story being showcased is “Lay My Bones Next To Jimmy Hoffa’s.” It’s available for free over there, so check it out.  I am rather pleased with how it came out.

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