Creature Seed: Dehydrated Ambrosia.

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Dehydrated Ambrosia


Description: a wrapped, rectangular (6 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches) brick of gold-red, slightly spongy, organic material.  The stuff is slightly sticky to the touch, and is definitely water-soluble.  The wrapping consists of folded and sealed wax paper, with the words “Dehydrated Ambrosia: Mix with one Gallon of Water” written on the side.  In case anybody manages to do a successful trace of the package, it will prove to have originated from a now-defunct Californian winery that shut down during Prohibition.

If placed into at least one gallon of water (eating the brick itself counts), the brick will swiftly dissolve and disappear.  Within the next hour or so, a Greek Nymph named Ambrosia will coalesce out of the dust and water vapor in the immediate area.  The good news: Ambrosia is a cheerful, non-malicious, friendly Nymph who will be extremely grateful to have been reconstituted.  The bad news: Ambrosia is a Nymph serving Dionysius, which means that she drinks like a fish, is largely immune to conventional damage, and is a confirmed excitement junkie.  As conceived, this should result in nothing worse than ‘wacky’ and ‘zany’ results; but if the GM wishes to make both her and the situation a bit more chthonic then there’s nothing really getting in the way of that.


Duration: ah, Ambrosia is a free-willed, sentient creature.  She’s going to be around for as long as either she feels like it, or is compelled to be.  Running out the clock is not exactly an option.

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