THAT WASN’T FAIR. You’re not real.  You don’t get to provoke an emotional response in me like that.


Happy 10th Anniversary to you, too, you world-weary son-of-a-[expletive deleted].  And, yes, I miss running around the countryside with you, too.  Satisfied?


  • RangerSG says:

    I don’t miss it, because I can’t stop doing it. Rarely a week goes by without me picking up the controller to listen to “Merchants of Novigrad.”

    Even if I’m neck-deep in reclaiming the world from aliens right now. War of the Chosen is masochism. I love it.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I fiddled with X-COM 2 a little, but it didn’t click for me at the time. I should retry it.

      • RangerSG says:

        For me, I liked the base X-Com better than base X-Com2 (though I admit to saluting Firaxis for having the guts to assume a loss for the 2nd game’s time line). But War of the Chosen has so many incredible changes that make the war *much* more personal. They are after YOU, Commander. It’s almost into a turn-based RPG/strategy hybrid now.

  • Cameron says:

    I know I’m the lone heretic around here since the game really didn’t click with me but that was a good video.

  • junior says:

    Nice. I really ought to finish the first two games one of these days (never bought the third one because of the number of times I’ve started the first two games, and then paused mid-way through). Kinda funny how the first one catapulted a little Polish company (that had previously focused exclusively on localizations) that no one had ever heard of into an internationally recognized and respected name.

    Now if they’d just provide some updates on Cyberpunk 2077…

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