The heavily-meta “Honest Trailers: Kong: Skull Island.”

There was some drama in August involving CinemaSins*, Kong: Skull Island, and KSI’s director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. This particular episode of Honest Trailers — which involves Vogt-Roberts showing up halfway through and ripping his own direction a new orifice — is not actually involved in said drama; it’s apparently just a genuine coincidence (they had asked Vogt-Roberts to come and do his own movie in July).  Regardless of the motivations, it’s a pretty good look at the flick itself.

Which they liked.  And they should have, because it was a movie that was supposed to be about a giant ape fighting giant monsters and helicopters, and that’s what we got to see. I just kind of ignored the subtext, as much as was possible. …Like you do.

Moe Lane

*I have tried watching various iterations of “Everything Wrong With X” a few times; I am not impressed with the conceit (or the related, but third-party(?) “How X Should Have Ended” one). I always end up feeling like the people who do that kind of thing want me to feel bad for enjoying a movie — and, how do I put this?  I have an adverse reaction to being lectured by someone I don’t even know.

7 thoughts on “The heavily-meta “Honest Trailers: Kong: Skull Island.””

  1. HISHE is far less obnoxious and joyfully more meta. I love playing with the ol’ “What if the character went around the plot hole this other way over here” conversations.

  2. Never seen an EWWX video, but have seen a few HISHE videos. Some – like the Pacific Rim one – I didn’t particularly care for. But I thought the Man of Steel video was hilariously on-target.

  3. I love HISHE. Nothing’s perfect in the world, after all. Plus, HISHE has its own sort of meta-narrative (such as the cafe scenes, or Vader barging in on any discussion of family, etc.).

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